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KAAF University College or Christ Apostolic University

Overcome the stree of JAMB, Post UME and University Strike. Get an undergraduate degree in 3-4 years and master in 1-2 years. Credit Transfer options, Top Up and Multifaceted programmes avaliable. Contact the programme coordinator Mr Obinna Ozichukwu on 08138516281

All consulates use diverse criteria in assessing application for student permit. For instance, the UK uses the academic point based system while Canada uses the academic and resource affordability base, and Australia uses the academic merit system, etc.

Student visa application lodged with consulates like Sweden and Canada require 90 days for process and anything short of the will have the application returned on defective grounds. Some schools abroad, do not admit undergraduate students above 18 years of age, and post-graduate students above 25 years of age. While some institutions abroad insist on a mandatory deposit before a letter of acceptance for visa process could be issued, few ask for zero fee payment, from the view point of the complex visa procedure in Nigeria. This development does not exclude applicants from paying requisite application fee for admission.

Our valued prospects and clients should also note that many schools abroad do not admit students except they have taken some of the following exams; for instance, some schools in the United States cannot admit a student who has not sat for American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) while most schools in Europe insist on Candidates passing Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL) with good grades.

The Canadian government has made it an official state policy they international students wishing to study in Canada must pass an international exam in English before being admitted into a Canadian University.

STUDENTS EXCHANGE PROGRAM We partner with some higher institutions in Nigeria and others abroad and broker Student Exchange Program abroad. We also assist students secure admission abroad for schools that can grant scholarships, bursaries, grant-in aids and work programs.


University of British Columbia

British Columbia, Canada V6T IW5
F/T 17,257
P/T 5026
Grad: 3072
Year: tri , ss
Appl: April 30

Inupiat University of The Artic

Barrow , Alaska 99723
( Recognized candidate for Accreditation)
F/T 2m,4w
P/T 44M, 74W
Grad: none
Year: tri , ss
Appl: open
SAT,ACT, not required

Ball State University

Muncie, Indiana 47306
F/T: 5968M , 7449W
P/T :746M,1042W
Grad: 2352 (total)
Year: qtrs,ss
Appl: Aug.1
SAT,410V 449M

Baker University

Baldwin, Kansas 66006
F/T: 411M,435W
P/T :12M,14W
Year: 4-1-4,ss
Appl: open
SAT,455V 462M

McGill University

Quebec Canada
F/T 12,344
P/T 4129
Grad: 2960
Year: sems , ss
Appl: March
SAT,ACT, not required

University of New Mexico

Albuquerque,New mexico 87131
F/T: 6200M,6000W
P/T :2630M, 3600W
Grad: 1800M, 1700W
Appl: see entry
ACT: 19 (mean)

Campbel University

(Formerly Campbell College)
Bules Creek, North Carolina 27506

Ohio University

Athens , Ohio 45701
F/T: 6902M, 5600W
P/T : 509M, 696W
Grad: 110M, 700W
Year: qtrs , ss
Appl: May.1
SAT: 419V 459M

Rhode Island School of Design

Providence, Rhode Island 02903
F/T: 605M, 790W
P/T :none
Grad: 62M, 52W
Year: 4-1-4
Appl: Jan. 21
SAT: 520V, 530M

City University

Northampton Square
London OHB

University of Birmingham

Edgaton, Birmingham B152TT

University of Greenwich

Back House Willinton Street
Wool Wich, London SE 1867PF

University of Utah

Salt lake,Uta 84112
F/T: b7994M, 5403W
P/T : 2019M ,2049W
Grad: 2842M, 1685W
Year: qtrs,ss
Appl: Aug. 1
ACT, 21

University of Alberta

Edmoniton Alberta Canada
F/T 16,757
P/T 2343
Grad: n/a
Year: tri , ss
Appl: July 2